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Tiny Shadows

Colorfully Illustrated Moral Stories (Set of 4)-Age 3-11 Years- Paperback

Colorfully Illustrated Moral Stories (Set of 4)-Age 3-11 Years- Paperback

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Welcome to the enchanting world of #TinyShadowsLearns a captivating collection of moral stories for kids. These beautifully illustrated paperback books by Tiny Shadows are designed to ignite the imagination of young readers while instilling important life lessons that will stay with them as they grow.

We have compiled a set of 4 books:
1. OOPS! OOPS! Manners please
2. The Clever Dog's Escape
3. A Dog's Discovery
4. A lesson from a silly pig

Each book is brought to life with vibrant, colorful illustrations that capture the imagination and engage young readers. The illustrations perfectly complement the captivating narratives, making these books a joy to read and explore. Moral stories play a vital role in children's development, helping them cultivate good character traits that will benefit them throughout their lives. With these moral stories children aged 3-11 years can embark on delightful adventures while learning important life lessons along the way.

Written & Illustrated by Rohit Bhatia- (Founder of Tiny Shadows)

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